Newton Collaborates on Innovative New Pollution Capture System

Newton Collaborates on Innovative New Pollution Capture System

Newton Waterproofing is the UK’s leading independent supplier of structural waterproofing systems, associated pumping and drainage products. Sustainability is also at the forefront of Newton’s priorities, and with that the aim of reducing the devastating impacts of pollution caused by the construction sector with innovative sustainability initiatives.

Air pollution is now a well-documented health pandemic. It is understood and accepted that air pollution is the “invisible killer” and as such, pro-active measures can be taken.

Newton has therefore been working in collaboration with an organisation who share a common passion for reducing air pollution on a global scale, much like Newton’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. The result has been the development of an innovative new in-road system that effectively captures and cleans polluting emissions.

The patented system detains exhaust gases as well as brake and tyre dust, which contain pollutants such as NO2, NOx, PM2.5, PM10. The dirty air that is captured goes through a multi-stage filtration process, passing through an electrostatic precipitator, activated carbon and HEPA filters. Once the filtration is complete, clean air is released from the top of the roadside air cabinet.

Newton’s experts have been developing and supplying the specialist sump and pump systems that are installed beneath the road as part of the units – as both surface water and rainfall will enter the system. This is not an issue however, as the system contains intelligent technology that splits the water from the polluted air flow, then pumps away underground and into the normal water drainage systems found in that roadway.

At present, the technology has been utilised to reduce human exposure to harmful substances, however it could also be tailored to specific target gas and pollutant goals, such as CO2 removal and storage to mitigate the negative climate effects that road-based emissions can have on our atmosphere.

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