Pre-Applied Waterproofing Systems

Delta Membrane Systems

Pre-Applied membranes bond to concrete to prevent the ingress or migration of water around a structure.

They are a unique system which can easily be applied on blinding concrete for the base slab and to prepared vertical excavation walls (e.g. piled walls, diaphragm walls or similar).

Pre-Applied waterproofing membranes can also be applied directly onto outer interior sides of double-faced formwork in open-cut excavation.

The membranes can be used to waterproof all types of reinforced concrete basements and other below ground structures.

DualProof – Pre-applied, fully bonded membrane

A new durable watertight solution for below ground structures. A pre-applied membrane that protects against groundwater ingress as well as gases and chemicals.

DualProof is a fully and permanently bonded, pre-applied membrane. It is applied before the steel reinforcement is fixed and the concrete poured. It consists of a sealed two layer highly flexible PVC membrane laminated with a non-woven PP-fleece. DualProof is pre-applied and is installed without heat or open-flame, overlapped and sealed with butyl tape and special adhesive for detailing. The new PP FiberTex Technology gives the DualProof its unique bond and connection to the concrete. The PP-Fleece integrates into the concrete when poured giving a strong mechanical bond once cured.

Typical fields of Application
• Residential Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Industrial (Retail Units and Warehouses)
• Leisure Facilities
• Archives/Libraries/Vaults
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Underground Rail Stations and Tunnelling
• Underground Car Parking Areas
• Engineered Structures
• Tunnel shafts
• Insulated Formwork Construction (ICF)

Areas of Use
• New build basements
• Foundations
• Tunnels
• Garages
• All other concrete constructions below ground

The benefits of pre-applied waterproofing systems are:
• High durability
• No lateral water underflow
• High flexibility and crack bridging ability
• Cost effective solution
• Effective radon and methane barrier


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Delta Membrane Systems

Delta Membrane Systems

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