Preprufe System

GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies’ Preprufe® Plus waterproofing system with Advanced Bond Technology™ is engineered to protect structures below ground from water ingress, corrosive soil, gas and moisture.

Composed of durable and flexible HDPE geomembrane, it aggressively adheres directly to poured concrete and easily conforms to complex details to create an impermeable protective seal.

The patented non-absorbent membrane surface coating resists dirt and contaminants and withstands up to eight weeks of UV exposure onsite. The membrane is immediately trafficable without protection layers allowing contractors to install rebar the same day.

The Preprufe® Plus waterproofing system is fast and easy to install by only two operators and does not require primer, heat, power or special equipment. The system is a proven solution for the most challenging site conditions as well as straightforward projects in climates worldwide.

The Preprufe® Plus waterproofing system forms a protective barrier for the life of the structure

•Zero water tracking
•Engineered for blind side and post applied applications
•Preprufe keeps water in its place...outside
•Double Adhesive ZipLaps™ form watertight laps easily in the most difficult conditions
•Advanced Bond Technology
•Reliable, practical and highly effective


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GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies

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