Significant growth in UK’s rooflights market over 5 years

Significant growth in UK’s rooflights market over 5 years

The UK’s rooflights market has seen significant growth over last 5 years, according to a study by AMA Research.

The rooflights sector represents a strong performing but small portion of the overall roofing market, accounting for slightly under 10% of the roofing market by value. Since 2012, the market specifically for rooflights has shown strong growth year on year increasing by a substantial 25% between 2012 and 2016, with similar growth expected in 2017.

These figures relate to standard modular rooflight systems widely used on flat roofs, which are supplied in many sizes and styles, and that are assembled on-site or delivered as prefabricated units to create barrel vaulting, bespoke or complex high-value roof / atrium glazing. Excluded in the analysis are opening skylights and in-plane rooflights used on domestic pitched roofs.

Growth in the rooflight market is supported by a number of factors and trends within the roofing, building and home improvement markets in general. In particular, an increase in flat roof construction has led to growth in the rooflights market, as well as home extensions and commercial property extensions.

A recent focus on improved daylighting has driven demand for flat roof windows in both residential and non-residential sectors, with private housing extensions a key area of application. Additionally, the development of new products, such as larger flat glass and “walk on” rooflights plus the upgrading of existing products with higher specification materials, e.g. triple glazing, has added some value to the market in recent years.

The supply of rooflights is quite fragmented with no one company holding more than 10% of the market in 2016, and as a result of the market seeing strong growth in recent years several new suppliers have entered the market. Furthermore, many existing suppliers have extended ranges to include more ‘non-standard’ products or new products aimed at ‘non-core’ end use sectors. There is evidence, however, that this expansion of the supplier base is providing negative pressures on average prices – this appears to be particularly relevant in online sales in the residential sector.

In terms of product mix, the total demand for glazed rooflights has increased year on year due to the uptake of premium products such as tripled glazed units and self-cleaning glass. Since 2013-2014, glass products have taken share with key uses being mid to higher specification “walk on” flat rooflights and panel glazing. The main commercial end use applications for these products are school buildings, leisure centres, indoor swimming pools, shopping malls/ arcade and transport terminals.

Thermoplastic products are also mainly used for commercial buildings with the main application being for barrel vaulting and domes on commercial buildings. Corrugated or trapezoidal in-plane GRP sheets are the other major product group, these are almost wholly used in factory, warehouse, transport, agricultural and horticultural roofing.

Overall, there are many varied key non-residential markets for manufactured rooflights. Education represents the largest non-residential end use sector with an estimated 25% share by value, followed by industry and agricultural buildings and the leisure sector. The leisure sector contains within it many varied facilities from museums and galleries to swimming pools and indoor sport centres, while other major end use sectors include offices, transport buildings and retail buildings.

Looking forward, the strong growth experienced in recent years is not expected to continue in the short term. Reflecting the more challenging and uncertain economic climate ahead the market it is estimated that sales will stagnate from 2018 onwards, in line with the overall roofing market. In addition, while demand for housebuilding and housing RMI is high and will have a positive impact on the roofing sector as a whole, rooflights of this type are unlikely to be used in affordable or volume housebuilding.

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