The importance of lighting in retail spaces

The importance of lighting in retail spaces

It might not seem like it, but lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space - it has the ability to change the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. This rings true to not just our homes, but where we shop as well.

In today’s market retail companies need to consider how they want their customers to feel when visiting their store. Several factors can affect this such as the layout of the premises, music, the colour scheme... but the factor which is often overlooked, is lighting in retail stores. But you would do well to not ignore it as it can in fact be one of, if not the main factor to be considered.

Like Mihaly Bartha, Head of Lighting at GPStudio, says: “Lighting has a direct influence on our mood, with 80% of the sensory information the brain receives coming from our eyes. Lighting highlights architectural elements, product qualities and creates virtual spaces - impacting how we feel, what we think of a product, and ultimately the choice of whether to purchase or not.”

The use of light in retail can enhance each stage of a customer’s journey, from the moment they step in, browse and ultimately proceed to the tills. With technologies like LED it’s possible to completely incorporate lighting into almost any interior - and this integrated lighting can create nearly unlimited opportunities.

To further elaborate the importance of lighting in the retail industry, the Lighting Laboratory of Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology conducted a study in which they explored the extent to which lighting influenced consumers’ individual preferences. They found that consumers preferred warm lighting and moderate brightness, and brighter lighting within shop windows. They also found that vertical rather than horizontal lighting helped products stand out from the background more effectively.

Lighting is now a major component affecting the success of retail, and in order to be ahead of their game, a company must strive to catch the eye and give the individual the best experience which will then hopefully lead to a sale.

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