Top outdoor designs for 2014

Top outdoor designs for 2014

With the temperatures set to soar this summer I thought I would take a look at some outdoor design trends for 2014.

Make the most of your garden
Adding structured paths or custom planters to your garden allows you to make the most of even the smallest of spaces. Creating shapes using EverEdge’s lawn edging adds a unique finish to your outdoor space. Using edging in your garden design not only allows you to create a wide range of patterns but also eliminates the need to constantly maintain edges allowing you to relax and enjoy the sunshine!

EverEdge lawn edging

If you don’t have a green thumb you might consider using artificial grass in your garden design. Nomow’s Royale Artificial Grass provides a beautiful ‘olive looking’ green that perfectly harmonises with the green tones found in UK gardens. Perfect for the lawnmower-shy, artificial grass provides a durable, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing surface that is easy to maintain.

Embrace the great outdoors with street furniture
Whilst out and about in our busy day to day lives it is easy to overlook the great outdoors we rush through every day. Outdoor furniture is a great way to tempt people to take the weight off their feet and appreciate urban and rural landscaped areas.

Erlau street furniture

Erlau’s range of outdoor furniture is powder-coated with Rilsan which is made from renewable resources extracted from the castoroil plant. As a result, Erlau furniture never warms up in excess of 42˚C (108˚F) which is a great advantage as the temperatures are set to soar this year.

Outdoor living in all weather
Whether the sun shines or the heavens open you can still enjoy outdoor living this summer. Terrace covering from Renson Fabrications provides a range of options to suit a variety of commercial and residential applications. Structures are designed to fit harmoniously with the most varying styles – traditional, modern or contemporary.

Terrace covering from Renson Fabrications

You can also bring the outside inside with Sky-Frame® from Alco Glass. Sky-Frame® allows you to dissolve the boundaries between inside and out to give the room the greatest transparency possible. The sliding wall system is comprised of frameless double glazed units sliding in recessed tracks to give a complete glass façade from floor to ceiling.

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