Top posts from the 2018 Product Hubs

Top posts from the 2018 Product Hubs

Every month, Barbour Product Search launches a new Product Hub, packed with informative and useful resources. Here are 7 of the most popular posts from different Hub spaces over the past year.

Pros and Cons of bi-folding doors vs sliding doors
On the Doors and Windows Hub, this blog debates the pros and cons of Ultra-modern and trendy bi-folding doors or glass sliding doors.

The 5 common Thermal insulation materials
This article from the Thermal Insulation Hub lists 5 of the most commonly used insulation materials and what they can do for you.

What does interior design have to do with wellbeing?
On the Interior Design Hub, the blog discusses how the design of our living and working spaces can encourage more meaningful and productive experiences.

Top 8 sustainable HVAC solutions
This post, on the HVAC and Energy product Hub, counts down the top 8 ways to ensure your HVAC system is sustainable.

Sports Construction Market returns to growth
The Sports Construction Hub had in-depth analysis from AMA Research, which predicted the market would return to growth over the year.

Designing for special educational needs
What design features are important to keep in mind whilst designing for SEN educational facilities? The answer is on the Education Hub.

Seven spectacular retail construction projects
The Retail Construction Hub takes a look at seven spectacular retail construction projects across the UK.

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