Unusual Timber Applications

Unusual Timber Applications

When you hear 'timber', what comes to mind? Timber decking? Timber cladding maybe? Or how about timber doors? With timber being such a versatile material, I was interested to see how else timber has been used in construction projects.

So, if you're like me and feel inspired by unique projects and products that offer something a bit different, take a look at some of the more unusual uses for timber I have found below. Enjoy!

The Senedd

BCL Timber Projects Ltd - 'The Senedd'

The product shown is a BCL acoustic timber panel, in Western Red Cedar that was installed at The National Assembly Building for Wales, also known as ‘The Senedd’.

BCL manufactures timber panel systems for walls and ceilings, both internal (acoustic) and external (weatherboard).

The panels are manufactured off-site, according to pre-agreed layout drawings between BCL and the architect. The panels arrive to site as a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ and are clipped on to a backing support grid (varying depending on application), using secret-fixings.

The idea is to make very large or very complex surfaces in timber easily deliverable, minimising waste and installation costs, with consistent high quality.

For more information, please visit BCL Timber Projects' website.

The Oak Garage Company: Traditional Oak Framed Garages

The Oak Garage Company: Oak Framed Garages

The Oak Garage Company specialises in the construction of traditional oak framed garages.

Each building is generously cut from FSC timber and features thick cut beams and mortice-and-tenon joints.

The company offers clients the choice to use any roof finish available on the market and their oak frames come in many various sizes.

A full size gallery is featured on the company website for clients to see finished examples of numerous oak framed buildings.

For more information, please visit The Oak Garage Company website.

American Hardwood Export Council: Timber Wave

American Hardwood Export Council: Timber Wave

A massive but intricate timber structure took shape outside London’s Victoria & Albert Museum in time for the London Design Festival last September.

Made using American red oak, the 12.5m high structure is self-supporting, and made out of timber with minimal steel connectors.

Despite its huge size, it uses furniture-making techniques and bent timber in a manner more common on a much smaller level.

For more information, please visit American Hardwood Export Council's Barbour Product Search profile.

Historic Totem Pole restored with help from Silva Timber

Silva Timber helps restore historic Totem Pole

Salford Council requested something a little bit out the ordinary to help in their task to restore and resurrect a historic totem pole in Salford Quays.

The 30 foot pole had suffered from decay and required certain sections to be re-carved to restore the original features.

Salford Council specified Western Red Cedar as wood traditionally carved by Native Americans. The cedar was to be sourced in Canada, and then shipped over by Silva Timber where the sections would be carved and slotted into the original totem pole, then restored to its previous condition.

For more information and images, please visit Silva Timber's website.

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