Wavin AS+, Soil & Waste noise reduction

Wavin AS+, Soil & Waste noise reduction

Customer: Roffey Homes
Contractor: Woods Heating Ltd
Products used: Acoustic Soil Plus (AS+)

The Challenges
A more considered approach was required for the buildings utilities, particularly its water management systems. A durable, quiet, and reliable solution needed to be cost engineered to suit both the commercial and residential aspects of the development.

It was important that the building’s drainage was durable enough to withstand daily, constant use, and needed to work right through the building and down to the underground car park.

Delivering a project like the Tate Residences, on time, requires many trades working together collaboratively. Seamless partnerships can mean the difference between delivering projects on time, and missing deadlines.

The Solution
To meet the varied needs of the building, Roffey Homes contracted plumbing and heating specialist Woods Heating Ltd. Wavin AS+ range was specified as the soil system for the project as it offers a host of features. Airborne sound is lessened due to its high mass and wall thickness, while structure-borne sound is minimised owing to the low elastic-modulus of its flexible material.

Traditionally, cast iron systems are used for durable building drainage that can work through to below ground. These can be time-consuming to install which is why Wavin’s HDPE range has been designed to suit the unique requirements of a car park. The pipes and fittings are lightweight, incredibly durable, and easy to install. The products are fully welded, providing a highly resilient system. Crucially, it is easy to integrate with the AS+ low noise system, making it the perfect choice for a multi-use, high-end project.

"When building a multi-use development, especially one which is as luxurious as this, close cooperation between the manufacturer, installer and developer is a must. With more pressure to build quicker and build better, we were happy we could benefit from these easy-to-install, end-user focused and reliable solutions."
- Ben Cheal, Managing Director Roffey Homes

Wavin AS+
Wavin AS+ is, thanks to its excellent noise reduction, ideal for buildings with very high requirements for low noise level, such as blocks of flats, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, hotels etc. Because Wavin AS+ is produced in a light colour, the system is also suitable for installation where visible, e.g. in kitchens and bathrooms.

Wavin’s AS+ Soundcheck Tool
With noise regulations continuously being updated, calculating noise levels to ensure your design meets requirements can be a complex exercise. Wavin’s online SoundCheck Tool is designed to relieve some of that stress.

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