Wavin: Research shows the value of SuDS to homeowners in the UK

Wavin: Research shows the value of SuDS to homeowners in the UK

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) hold immense value among UK homeowners. Recent research by Wavin reveals the increasing value of SuDS in buyer decision-making, particularly when it comes to new build developments. This value transfers to housebuilders and developers when considering the importance of SuDS and appropriate green spaces for their developments.

The research reveals that SuDS are a powerful tool to help developers offer safe, future-proof, and sustainable new build housing that people are interested in. Despite this, the research also revealed a lack of awareness among the public of what SuDS are and how they work. With biodiversity net gain also becoming a key requirement for developers, SuDs are not only a way to for developers to meet legislation but also to provide a range of attractive benefits for homeowners including flood resilience, improved water quality and green spaces. If these benefits are clearly explained, they are likely to add to the desirability of the properties and in some cases increase value.

Some key findings from the research include:

• 82% of potential newbuild buyers say green spaces within a development is ‘very important’ or ‘quite important’ influencing purchasing decisions.
• Local contributions to flood resilience (72%), water quality (55%) and biodiversity (42%) are sufficiently valuable to buyers that they will pay more for a home that goes beyond regulatory requirements.

SuDS like ponds, wetlands or green roofs offer a great opportunity for new housebuilders to incorporate green spaces with sustainable drainage into their developments. With more than half of UK adults spending more time outside now than before the pandemic, there is tremendous value in the development of green spaces within developments to improve biodiversity and property owner wellbeing.

• 81% of potential new build buyers rated green spaces as quite or very important to their buying decision. Evidence from the Met Office shows the UK is experiencing increasing rainfall, due to climate change, and homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious about the flood resilience of their properties.

This research shows that regulatory investment in SuDS can be turned into a marketing advantage and a point of competitive differentiation by developers. Although many buyers are largely unaware of SuDS, they are eager to realise the benefits these bring and will be receptive to more information as part of the buying process.

The full report – The value of SuDS to new home buyers is available when you subscribe to monthly in-depth emails on the Wavin UK blog here.

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