7 sumptuous interior design trends for 2017

7 sumptuous interior design trends for 2017

We all have our own style and ideas when it comes to decorating our homes. Some may prefer a modern look, others a more historic rustic feel. Here we take a look at 7 popular interior design trends for this year.

Unpainted Walls
Exposed brickwork is becoming an increasingly popular trend in 2017. It has an industrial feel to it, and also won’t cost you the Earth. Another benefit is that you can mix these with more traditional materials, offering you real flexibility.
Terracotta has an established history, but more recently has had a re-brand, modernising the look and feel with a range of new techniques and styles. Terracotta provides a very warm and colourful presence, which is one of many reasons why it has made a big comeback.
Art Deco
Art Deco satisfies the growing need for people to combine the classic bits from the art deco era with modern colours and finishes. You could create a real art deco look for a room in your home, giving you a sense of escapism every time you enter.
Reclaimed Timber
One of the most popular interior tends, across multiple sectors right now is reclaimed timber. Whether it’s used for furniture making, cladding or even entire kitchen refits re-purposed timber is an eye catching trend.
Upholstered Bedheads
These are set to replace timber bedheads which currently feature in most homes. They have regularly featured in hotels, but are now must have in your home to add a touch of glamour.
Marble & Brass
Marble & Brass continue to be very popular materials to be used in the home. When used in the right taste, it can present a very clean and glamorous look, and who doesn’t want that type of style in their home.
Mason Jars
Viewers of reality TV might recognise these. They can frequently be seen in bars on shows such as Made in Chelsea or TOWIE. However 2017 is set to be the year they move from the television to your table.
What is your favourite interior design trend of 2017? Is there an obvious omission from this list? Let us know on LinkedIn.

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