Advantages and disadvantages of wet rooms

Advantages and disadvantages of wet rooms

Wet rooms are fast becoming more and more desirable, and they’re a great way to add value to your home. They can be installed with relative ease, they’re stylish and the cost is usually very reasonable, but should you get one for your home? Our blog looks into the pros and cons of wet rooms.

Wet rooms are super-stylish and perfect for creating a contemporary look. They’re especially great for small bathrooms because removing the bath creates loads more space. As a second bathroom, a wet room can easily increase the value of your home. But, you should be aware that swapping a main bathroom for a wet room could make your home less saleable – buyers out there still want at least one bath in their future home.

Wet rooms are, in general, easier to clean. There’s no shower screen or tray to worry about and if you go for a wall-hung sink and toilet, it’s even easier still. But, if your wet room is on the smaller side, you should watch out for wet towels and loo roll caused by spray from the shower.

You’ll also need a professional fitter to waterproof your wet room– if it’s not done properly, leaking water can cause damage, and that can cost you a pretty penny. However, if done properly, your floor (the bit under the tiles) is better protected than it would be in a standard bathroom.

Wet rooms should be tiled from floor to ceiling – and that can get expensive. And if you go for porous stone tiles, they may need to be resealed every few months, which is hard work. However, as an investment, wet room stand the test of time and remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

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