Bringing interior design into your bathroom

Bringing interior design into your bathroom

The market for bathroom products is expected to see value growth of 12% by 2021. When designing a bathroom, there are certain factors that are becoming ever more important in determining the overall style and the types of products installed. AMA Research discusses these in this article.

These include current and emerging aesthetic trends and the changing use of the bathroom including changes to people’s bathroom habits, while the desire to make the most of limited space is also an increasingly important factor.

Baths and sanitaryware were the largest sector of the bathroom products market with 37% share by value. Baths and sanitaryware styles tend to reflect overall trends within the market, which have been towards baths and sanitaryware that is minimalist, curvaceous and have slimmer rims. White is still the most popular choice, but the trend towards natural minimalism has supported the emergence of more subtle use of colour in warmer, earthy tones.

Reflective of the changing use of bathrooms, and the decreasing average bathroom size as well as the growing number of en-suites installed, shower baths have become significantly more popular. These provide both a suitable showering and bathing experience, something which also reflects the falling popularity of bathing. Where efficient utilisation of space is essential, products such as wall hung, or wall mounted wash basins are ideal and are now the most popular type of wash basin specified in both residential and commercial applications.

Taps and mixers are no longer just a source of water but a design feature in their own right. Typically, matching tapware is used across the bathroom, with wash basin, bath and shower taps all specified from the same collection, helping to create a co-ordinated look. Minimalist taps and mixers continue to be popular and have become more curvaceous with smooth, soft styling. However, there also remains a high demand for taps and mixers that incorporate angular shapes with rounded edges, with the requirement to complement existing items of sanitaryware. In terms of finish, chrome and stainless steel dominate both the domestic and commercial taps and mixers markets.

The focus of bathroom furniture design has been shifted towards interior functionality. Added features such as drawer dividers, soft close mechanisms are becoming more common. Other designs include pull down drawers that conceal items such as toilet roll holders and waste bins etc, as well as clever ‘invisible’ storage solutions help ensure that the bathroom remains tidy and clutter free. Despite the focus of bathroom furniture design being shifted towards functionality, the style of bathroom furniture remains important. Overall, bathroom furniture designs are very much influenced by kitchen designs, with the natural look and gloss finishes currently in demand.

A steadily growing aspect of the bathroom market is the whirlpool and spa sector. As with standard baths, whirlpool and spa baths are available in a variety of size options including standard rectangular, double ended (duo), corner, offset corner, shower, extra deep / wide, freestanding and D-shaped. For customers with smaller bathrooms shower baths, small freestanding baths and corner baths combined with hydrotherapy options widen the appeal of whirlpool/spas and present a space efficient option. In terms of design, the whirlpools and spas sector is seeing a clear trend towards minimalist design with high, thin rims, concealed jets and gel head rests are increasingly popular.

Going forward it is expected that the desire for minimalist designs within the bathroom as well as the popularity of space efficient products are expected to continue. One growing trend is the integration of digital and advanced technology into bathroom products. The market is already seeing increasing desire for modern, digital and advanced products among both homeowners and businesses.

The ‘Bathroom Market Report - UK 2017-2021 Analysis' report is published by AMA Research, and is available now and can be ordered online at or by calling 01242 235724.

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