Delta BBA Renewed

Delta BBA Renewed

Waterproofing products from Delta Membrane’s extensive System 500 range have had its BBA Certification renewed. Four of the products are included in Agrément Certificate No. 00/3742.

They include Delta-MS20 – a moulded HDPE sheet used as damp-proofing on walls, floors and arches to support a dry lining or flooring. It can be employed in new construction or in existing buildings over contaminated or damp background. It has a 20mm stud profile for maximum drainage capacity.

Also covered by the certificate is Delta-MS500. This is a clear moulded HDPE sheet (8mm profile) that can be used as damp-proofing on walls, floors and vaulted ceilings – again in new-build or refurbishment work over a contaminated or damp background. It can be used to support a dry lining or floor.

Delta-FM is the third product covered. Specifically designed to combat dampness and contamination in flooring applications, Delta-FM allows various floor finishes to be achieved thanks to a special low stud profile (3mm) that minimises changes in floor levels but still provides an air gap to achieve damp pressure equalisation.

Completing the quartet is Delta-PT which can be used on internal or external walls and vaulted ceilings as damp-proofing, and as a support for plastering, dry lining or rendering. This high performance polyethylene membrane is extruded into a series of studs to create a continuous air gap behind the waterproof membrane. On the face of the membrane is a welded mesh which allows plasters and renders to bond efficiently to achieve dry and durable finishes. Dab-fixing of board finishes is also an option.

As you might expect, there is plenty of legislation and advice guiding us the right way to ensure the creation of a basement area is to certain standards. For example, BS8102: 2010 is the Code of Practice, which looks at ‘Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground’. A more elaborate expansion of this standard can be found in CIRIA Report 139 ‘Water Resisting Basements’. Measured against these industry standards, Delta’s range of membranes are classed as a Type ‘C’ (Drained protection), and considered the most effective and trouble free option.

Key factors assessed in the Agrément Certificate include resistance to water and water vapour, resistance to salt transfer, resistance to impact, loads, and durability. The membranes are also proof against Radon and ground gases.

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