Design Classic

Design Classic

Changes have been made to the MS-20 high capacity drainage membrane from Delta Membrane Systems, with a re-design that brings greater performance characteristics. However, the previous option has proven to be popular enough to keep it in the company’s product portfolio.

This means the new variant takes over the name Delta MS-20, with the previous option being re-branded as Delta MS-20 Classic.

Those familiar with the new Classic will know that this dimpled sheet is made from high-density polyethylene, and features studs of a smooth conical shape with flat top. It offers a compressive strength of about 150kN/m2.

However, the new MS-20 brings to the market a compressive strength that has been improved by over 30% - boasting figures of around 200kN/m2. This has been achieved by changing the profile of the studs from a circular conical design to an octagon in cross-section, and the smooth walls are now ribbed.

Pressure strength is improved parallel to the stress cracking stability which is also upgraded and extends the lifetime of the product.

Made from virgin high density polyethylene, this membrane has a stud height of 20mm, and comes in a roll size of 20m x 2m. This dimpled sheet can be easily laid without the need for costly equipment or lengthy installation procedures.

It can be used in applications where extra drainage capacity is required – such as deeper structures or basements – or where a larger flow rate is required. It can also be used as a cavity former for many types of new construction.

Contact surface to the ground is about 130,000mm2 per m2. The design ensures good pressure distribution and low point loads.

Resistant to degradation in soil, and from chemical attack, it is also non-polluting for drinking water.

The new MS-20 design further enhances the potential cost savings in both materials and construction time on the finished project, while bringing the enhanced compressive strength characteristics that make the product suitable for a wide range of applications.

Speaking about the new introductions; Delta Director Brian Davison states: “We believe in giving our customers the top quality products they demand. When we mentioned the plans to introduce the new MS-20, some clients indicated that they would like to have the existing design as an option. We were happy to cater to those needs.”

Significant quantities of both MS-20 and MS-20 Classic are held in stock for immediate dispatch.

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