Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Composition and manufacture

Delta® DPC is manufactured from polyethylene, which is carefully reprocessed to adhere to stringent manufacturing standards.


Installation of Delta® DPC products should follow good building practice in accordance with CP 102:1973 and BS 5628-2:2005. Delta employs a nationwide network of specialist contractors. Contact manufacturer for details.

Cleaning and maintenance

Delta® membrane systems are supplied with a 30 year product guarantee, covering the membrane and ancillary components. The Delta® membrane systems range is certified to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.


All Deltasup>® membranes can be recycled.

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Delta Membrane Systems

Delta Membrane Systems

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is a manufacturer and provider of specialist structural waterproofing solutions, covering Types A, B and C waterproofing, combination waterproofing, damp proofing, basement drainage, flood resilience and ground gas...
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