Guest Post: Underfloor Heating plays a key part in Flowcrete’s GREEN Floorzone Solution

Guest Post: Underfloor Heating plays a key part in Flowcrete’s GREEN Floorzone Solution

Energy-saving Isowarm underfloor heating plays a key part in The GREEN Floorzone, a pioneering flooring package developed by Flowcrete UK, which sets out to create the most sustainable and complete flooring solution available from a single manufacturer.

Flowcrete's GREEN Floorzone

Representing substantial research and development, The GREEN Floorzone covers every aspect of a commercial flooring installation, featuring a number of sustainable options from substrate through to final finish.

This includes choices in resin floor finish and self-levelling screed, and the option of Flowcrete’s Isowarm underfloor heating and sound-proofing built-in.

The resin floor finish options include the seamless terrazzo Mondéco Mirrazzo, which is made of 60 per cent recycled material, Mondéco Crystal Ice, which has a significant amount of recycled mirror glass to reduce the need for additional lighting - as well as the natural stone carpet finishes Rustik and Naturewalk, for internal and external areas.

The seamless resin floor finishes are supported by a choice of seven products from Flowcrete’s market-leading and newly enhanced Isocrete Floor Screeds range, which have been given a green makeover with a new formulation free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), and manufactured from a high percentage of natural and recycled raw materials.

An optional element of The GREEN Floorzone involves the Isowarm underfloor heating system, which offers energy efficient savings of up to 30 per cent compared to conventional heating systems.

Another optional feature, which represents the first stage of the floor zone build-up is Isocrete Acoustic Foam, which reduces sound transfer between floors in multi occupancy environments.

The green performance of all these individual elements is measured in eight key areas; environmental efficiency, recycled content, manufacturing efficiency, transport, installation impact, durability, end of life alternatives and third party verification.

Alan Dean, Managing Director of Flowcrete UK Alan Dean, Managing Director of Flowcrete UK, said: “The GREEN Floorzone heralds a new era in sustainable flooring, delivering a choice of innovative products with extensive performance and green credentials as standard.

“We are excited by what we have to offer and we believe it will transform the specification process of flooring systems in the UK and allow architects and specifiers to seamlessly meet the most stringent green construction ratings, such as BREEAM.

“The single source nature of The GREEN Floorzone also offers further sustainability benefits, with all products arriving on site from one source, with no wastage, and just one contractor responsible for the entire installation – all covered by one Flowcrete warranty.”

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