Introducing the new PowerMaxx2 Battery Backup

Introducing the new PowerMaxx2 Battery Backup

This blog was written by Delta Membranes Systems.

Offering quality products which offer benefit to our customers, their customers and the end user is, has always been and always will be, at the forefront of Delta’s business ethos. We thrive on research, development, education and to ensure we offer the best products and technical advice available within the waterproofing industry.

Back in 2019, we were made aware that component parts for the PowerMaxx Battery Backup would increase.

With this in mind, we set out creating innovative ideas that can dramatically evolve the PowerMaxx, making it even more successful, reliable and user friendly and to seize a market opportunity in an area which hadn’t yet been evolved within the basement waterproofing sector.

Battery backups are without fail, used for ‘peace of mind’—no one needs to worry if the power goes out when they have a battery backup. From IT systems to alarm clocks, battery backups are found everywhere in our homes and businesses without us necessarily worrying about power outage.

For homeowners and businesses who utilise underground space, a battery backup is an essential piece of equipment – no one will ever wish for a flooded basement.

Introducing the New PowerMaxx2:

Any basement or below ground structure, whether new build or retrofit will require a significant outlay, so it’s a good idea to know about the most reliable components when it comes to systems.

After all, you/your customer will be forking out for resin injection systems, slurries, membranes, sump pumps and drainage, the last thing you want to add to that cost list are repair bills for the end user/customer month after month, after month.

The PowerMaxx2 offers the same Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) benefits of the PowerMaxx which is regarded as the most dependable for resilience and protection on the market.

So, what have we changed?

Technology is changing the way we engage with basement waterproofing. From the introduction of the AlertMaxx2 (High Level Water Alarm), it’s imperative that we seize the capabilities of digital transformation to delivery better experiences to our customers, their customers and ultimately, end users (homeowners and businesses).

Key Features of the PowerMaxx2:
• Industry leading Dynamic Polling (DyPoll) which will only provide power when power is required
• Dynamic Polling – staggered 10, 20, 40, 80 and 120 seconds
• A Digital Display able to relay clear running status of the battery backup
• A user-friendly menu to show operational statistics, reset battery service interval and other fault-fi nding aids
• A user-friendly interface able to display clear, comprehensive codes
• An internal non-volatile log that captures and records critical events
• An internal installation and set-up configuration aid
• A VRLA maintenance free lead acid internal battery
• Can be remotely integrated when wired to a Wi-Fi connected PowerMaxx Monitoring Device.
• Enhanced convection ventilation system (avoiding the requirement of an internal noisy cooling fan)

The PowerMaxx2 is still capable of the necessities required for basement and underground structures:
• Alerts the end user if there is a mains power failure
• Will keep pump system powered in the event of mains power failure
• Remains operational in standby mode for at least 10 days without mains power
• Can be added to new or retrofitted to existing installations
• Virtually inaudible and off ers tamper-proof installation
• Compact quick charger to top up the battery from empty in just 5 hours
• 2-year manufacturer warranty

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