Last gasp for gas

Last gasp for gas

With Radon being a threat to many parts of the UK, Delta Membrane Systems offers an effective barrier to this deadly gas in the form of Delta-Gas Barrier System.

Natural, inert and radioactive, Radon gas has the potential of causing lung cancer in humans. It comes from the minute amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils, and is present in all parts of the UK.

With Government initiatives striving to make housing carbon neutral by 2016, there is increasing pressure on architects to design housing that is particularly well insulated. However, the natural draughts of older houses were what allowed Radon gas to disperse.

For this reason, Radon has to be prevented from entering a building in the first place, and Delta-Gas Barrier is ideally suited to this task.

Conforming to BR 211, BR 212 and Building Regulations Document C, the barrier has the added advantage of giving totally dependable protection layer against rising damp.

Thanks to the roll size of 4m x 25m, it eases and speeds up the installation procedure, and reduces overlaps to a minimum. Adhesives are available from Delta to ensure effective, gas-tight seals.

Measuring 0.4mm thick, the tough and durable barrier has an anti-slip profile on both sides, allowing good adhesion to mortar.

It offers high levels of resistance to cracking at low temperatures, and has the flexibility to easily bend around corners.

Delta-Gas Barrier System is just one of a wide range of membranes available from Delta to protect properties from gas ingress and damp penetration.

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