Preparing Your Home for the Housing Market – Don’t Forget the Garden

Preparing Your Home for the Housing Market – Don’t Forget the Garden

Guest Post written by Rolawn, the UK’s leading provider of turf, topsoil and vital garden necessities.

When searching for your next home and viewing properties that will be eager to take your fancy on the housing market, there’s an endless list of features and faults potential buyers need to look for. From the roofing to the garden, buyers who look for a place to call home are searching for a property that will require as little renovation and financial input as possible. This could be something as simple as a fresh lick of paint, or a bigger task such as a landscaping project in the garden.

Garden Functionality
More often than not, the garden is the forgotten feature of a property when potential buyers visit for viewings. Gardens play a key role in every home, whether it’s a space to enjoy a family BBQ in the summer or a place to feature your beloved vegetable patch, a private outdoor space is incredibly underrated on the property market.

Tastes will of course differ from person to person regarding what you look for in a garden. Some home owners will look for a low maintenance space which can be enjoyed on special occasions, whereas others will want an on-going project if gardening is a particular hobby of theirs.

Go Green
When buyers look for a property they will tend to look for a nice patch of grass that they can call their own. Walking into an overgrown jungle is unlikely to start a viewing positively and will instantly give a property negative connotations. Gardening can be physically draining and time consuming, so if a property is overgrown and blatantly uncared-for, first impressions are likely to be poor.

Sellers should consider a quick garden makeover before any viewings are initiated. Some gardens that have turned slightly to the wild side will need considerably more work. A fresh layer of turf, a patio and plants may all need to be purchased in order to transform a garden into a more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing space that buyers are more likely to take seriously.

In many cases, the garden will be the first thing viewers notice when looking around your property and experienced sellers will understand the importance of a good first impression. This will put your potential buyer in a positive frame of mind before seeing the interior, increasing the likelihood of a potential bid.

Rolawn is the UK’s leading provider of turf, topsoil and vital garden necessities, offering high quality products and advice generated from years of gardening experience.

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