The Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh feature products from Caleffi Group

The Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh feature products from Caleffi Group

In this luxury hotel, the regulation of the domestic water temperature and the management of the thermal disinfection of the whole system is entrusted to six flanged electronic mixing valves LEGIOMIX 6000 series.

Six separate water distribution areas supply domestic hot water to the whole structure including rooms, suites, common areas, pool and spa.

Each 6000 series LEGIOMIX unit may have different settings depending on the area it is dedicated to. Each unit is set to carry the thermal disinfection of the system with scheduled timing and temperature. This way, the users are protected from Legionella bacteria and the system is considered safe.

All the settings may be easily changed acting directly on the digital regulator, which provides the historic data and parameters download.

Product Features
The electronic mixing valve is used in centralised systems that produce and distribute domestic hot water.

It guarantees and maintains the temperature of the domestic hot water delivered to the user when there are variations in the temperature and pressure of the hot and cold water at the inlet or in the draw-off flow rate.

This particular Caleffi product is equipped with a specific regulator that controls a set of programs for circuit thermal disinfection against Legionella.

It also enables checking the temperature and time for thermal disinfection are actually reached and undertaking the appropriate corrective action.

All the parameters are updated every day and logged, with temperatures recorded every hour. Depending on the system type and user habits, it is possible to program temperature levels and operation times in the most appropriate manner.

Last, it is fitted for a monitoring and remote control connection.

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Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Established near Stafford in 1987, Altecnic is one of the leading suppliers of hydronic solutions for both commercial and domestic markets.

As part of the Caleffi Group, their Italy based manufacturing partner and parent company,...
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