Thermal Efficiency: Starting from the Top

Thermal Efficiency: Starting from the Top

In addition to enabling safe and easy access to a roof area, whilst also providing a potential means of escape in an emergency, roof access solutions can contribute to a building’s thermal performance.

With climate change targets and sustainability putting the thermal efficiency of a building higher on a specifier’s agenda than ever before, it can’t be forgotten that the roof accounts for between 25% and 30% of all heat lost through the building envelope.

Changes to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards came into force on 1st April – rendering non-domestic buildings unlettable unless they have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of E or above.

In accordance with Part L2 of Building Regulations, specifiers must consider how the building envelope impacts energy consumption and the requirement to identify locations where there are opportunities for reducing energy consumption.

Whilst safety is the top priority when planning for roof access, it’s important to also consider the importance of specifying and installing the most appropriate products on the roof to prevent heat loss wherever possible.

Roof access hatches are one of the main products that allow specifiers to make a major difference to their building’s U-Value, by focusing on products which provide superior thermal performance.

A roof access hatch allows for safe access to a flat roof, where the user opens the cover of the hatch to gain access to the roof. A roof access hatch comprises two large parts: the upstand and the cover.

Specifiers should consider whether an access hatch is ‘thermally broken’, and also take into account the insulation of the hatch. All Bilco UK roof access hatches are manufactured with 75mm of PIR insulation as standard.

Bilco UK’s thermally broken aluminium S-50TB Roof Access Hatch minimises heat transfer between interior and exterior metal surfaces. The result is a product that resists harmful condensation and provides superior energy efficiency. The GS-50TB is based on the S-50TB Roof Access Hatch with the added benefits of a skylight.

Bilco UK’s SKY Flatglass includes a polyester upstand that is fully insulated for weathertightness and an inner layer of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass that reflects infrared and ultraviolet light from inside the building, supporting the thermal performance of the product, whilst simultaneously maintaining an attractive design.

The SKY Flatglass is a versatile product that acts as a three in one solution; it is simultaneously a smoke vent, roof access hatch and rooflight, saving space, time and money. This three-in-one element also reduces three roof penetrations into a single one which also helps to improve thermal efficiency.

This is a perfect example of how specifiers can factor thermal efficiency into their roof safety purchases as an extra value proposition, without compromising on fundamental safety considerations, while keeping costs down.

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