Thinking about a Domestic Sauna?

Thinking about a Domestic Sauna?

When thinking about saunas, we often think about spas, communal baths and swimming halls. But in the last few years, the sauna has evolved and proliferated and thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, it is also fast becoming the bathroom accessory of choice for UK homes.

Apart from the various health benefits (soothes nerve endings, warms and relaxes muscles, lowering blood pressure and overall detoxification of the body) these hot boxes actually cost less than you’d think.

There may even not be a need for massive extensions to your existing bathroom, the modern sauna can be fitted into domestic bathrooms or anywhere there is an appropriate water and electricity supply.

Interested in a sauna of your own? Here are some of the suppliers of saunas from our site:

Dröm UK


Dröm UK specialises in the design, distribution and installation of bespoke saunas. The company has a series of concepts that could include just what you have envisioned, or maybe ignite a spark of an idea that they can create, design and build with you.

Helo (UK)


Helo (UK) supplies both large commercial and smaller domestic saunas, offering a high-quality home installation. Available with useful extras, the range includes 44 standard sizes. A range of extras may be specified with various wood finishes to individualise the sauna to personal taste.



Dalesauna creates custom made saunas to suit any shape or size. Using only the finest timbers from replenishable sources, the company was founded 30 years ago and has technical experience in all aspects of leisurely facilities.

Oceanic Saunas Ltd


The company offers a range of cabins from a one person domestic up to 20 seat commercial models. Use a spare room or convert a garage or loft, most models can be tailored to customer sizes.

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