Top performance

Top performance

Tough and effective, Delta-FLORAXX Top is a water-retaining drainage sheet from Delta Membrane Systems with an integrated geotextile to help provide perfect green roofs.

Innovative octagonal dimples give high levels of compressive strength, and a fused-on geotextile also features, along with a separate waterproofing layer to resist root penetration.

The combination of these parts to the construction ensures Delta-FLORAXX Top brings effective drainage, water storage and filtration to the finished green roof construction.

The octagonal dimples product extra reinforcement to the construction for extreme compressive strength, with figures of 200kN/m2 being given by the company. Measuring 20mm high, these dimples also bring an enlarged water retention benefit to the design. Each m2 is capable of holding 7 litres of water as a reserve for periods of drought.

Thanks to the integrated filtration layer, soil may be spread directly on top of the Delta-FLORAXX Top.

Reliability is also brought to the installation, as it forms a consistent homogenous surface without the problems caused by loose cloth layers slipping, shifting, or being blown about by the wind.

Easily laid straight from the roll, it saves on installation time thanks to the three-layer construction of the product which also ensures the installation process is carried out correctly.

The 2m wide sheets features an extra 100mm cloth overlap to ensure effective installation, and the roll length of 10m further emphasises the installation time benefits of the product.

Delta-FLORAXX Top brings to the market a reliable, cost-effective, easy to use product that is the ideal solution to anyone looking to get the best from a green roof design.

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