Wonderwall (and ceiling)

Wonderwall (and ceiling)

While the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon has stood-up well to the tests of time since its construction in 1976, refurbishment work has recently been required – and this was carried out with the help of products from Delta Membrane Systems.

The building itself features a shuttered concrete construction, with the roof having a soil bed on which was planted with grass seed. Over this was placed a glass dome.

Internal faces of the concrete showed signs of disrepair caused by seepage of water from the soil area.

Specialist contractor Sovereign Damp Proofing and Construction – a Preferred Contractor with Swindon borough council – was asked to carry out the work, and this company recommended a refurbishment solution that involved the use of some 2,800m2 of Delta PT.

BBA-Certified, Delta-PT is a high performance polyethylene waterproof membrane extruded into a series of studs to create a continuous air gap behind.

On the face of the membrane is a welded mesh which allows plasters and renders to bond efficiently to achieve dry and durable finishes. Dab-fixing of board finishes is also an option.

Delta-PT is watertight, and resistant to high and low temperature extremes (-30 to +80°C). It will also stand-up to the adverse effects of acids, alkalis, oil and solvents, and is approved for use in drinking water applications.

The 8mm studs serve a dual purpose – isolating the damp wall from the new plaster and decorative finishes, and allowing ventilation of the wall for permanent dampness control.

Ventilation gaps located at both the top and bottom of the system allow circulation for this purpose. Alternatively, the air gap can be vented externally via a passive air vent installed in the wall.

To further enhance the system’s performance, the company offers the Delta-PT Profile which can be used at both the upper and lower edges of the membrane.

This Profile has ventilation slots incorporated into the design, to ensure that effective ventilation is provided at all times. The Profile section also acts as a guide for plaster or render coats.

Although primarily employed in internal applications, Delta-PT can also be used externally as a waterproof support for rendered finishes especially in exposed situations, where elevations of the building are subjected to water penetrations, salt-laden air, or are simply in need of a face-lift.

Work has recently been completed by Sovereign Damp Proofing and Construction, and the people of Swindon are now welcomed into a leisure centre that has been effectively refurbished using another reliable product from Delta Membrane Systems.

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