7 creative wet room design ideas

7 creative wet room design ideas

Wet rooms are the latest bathroom trend in the UK home renovation market. A break from the traditional bathroom suite and a move towards a hotel-esq luxury.

However, wet rooms have been around for longer than UK home owners have been installing them. A popular bathroom choice throughout Europe as well as being the ideal, practical solution for healthcare environments.

How can we design and install wet rooms to meet modern aesthetics? We count down the ways you can bring a touch of innovation to your residential wet room.

Explore current tiling trends

Most wet rooms are fully tiled. Tiles being one of the most effective waterproof wall and flooring materials. As a result one way to bring a touch of style to your wet room installation is to employ contemporary tile trends. For example marble tiles were a big trend in 2017, along with patterned floor tiles. Using different styles of tiles in the same space can also break up the room, giving the sense of a separate shower area.

Adventurous flooring

If tiled floors aren’t your thing you can expand your horizons and try wooden flooring instead. Using slatted wooden mats in the shower area can create a spa-like feeling in your wet room. If you’re worried about the wooden floor absorbing moisture just make sure to treat your wood properly. Several layers of an oil-based polyurethane will do the job. Adding other features to your floor such as a stone border could also give your wet room a bit more pizazz.

Don’t be scared of concrete

An emerging trend in interior design right now is the use of exposed concrete. A trend that harks back to 70s architecture, using concrete on the walls and floor of your wet room can create a minimalist vibe. Concrete is durable and easy to seal and make watertight.

Think shower fittings

The right shower fitting could really be the focal point of your wet room. Don’t think of it as just a necessity thing of it as the main event. You could double up and install two shower heads, go for something heritage-looking and classic or blow everyone out of the water with a waterfall shower.

Vintage vibes

Victorian and Edwardian ironmongery and pipework has seen an increase in popularity in interior design recently as the perfect complement to 21st century minimalism. Historical features such as pipework, shower fittings or radiators could add a touch of old-school elegance to a wet room.

Think big in small spaces

Don’t be put off installing a wet room just because you have a small bathroom. Wet rooms are a great space saving design, freeing up floor space by getting rid of a chunky bath or shower enclosure can make the room feel much bigger and helps the space become more practical. If you space is an unusual shape, that just gives you more options to get creative.

Light it up

Another way of bringing a touch of innovation and modernity to your wet room is to utilise LED lighting to create features within the room. Whether that is within the shower fitting itself or through ceiling spot lights.

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