A Guide to Electronic Access Control

A Guide to Electronic Access Control

A guide to electronic access control systems, written by Progeny Access Control - an industry leader in access control solutions

What is access control?
Access control is the method by which you control access to your premises or specific areas of your premises.

By replacing keys and locks with electronic access control you are able to secure your building far more effectively and have far greater control. You are able to control who has access, and to which areas of your premises they have access to.

Access cards or tokens are used to allow access. Alternatively, depending on the type of system, keypads are sometimes used in conjunction or as standalone.

There are many variations of system available, but the benefits of replacing the old lock and key are significant:-

Convenience of electronic access as opposed to locks and keys
Cost Effective
Modern technology allowing integration with other management systems


What are the benefits of Progeny access control?
There are many benefits of using Progeny access control systems to secure your premises, with the key ones referred to as above.

Every type of property can be secured by a Progeny access control system – sports stadia, hospitals, banks, leisure, retail, commercial, industrial and warehousing.

Imagine the scenario: a large number of keys are used on a particular site and some of them are lost - the cost of replacing locks could be huge and very inconvenient, meaning that the security of your premises is compromised for a period until the new locks are fitted.

In this scenario if electronic access control was utilised the problem would be easily solved. The lost cards would be cancelled and new cards issued as appropriate therefore allowing access. If someone attempted to use a lost card, access would not be granted as the card would have been cancelled.

The process of cancelling or removing cards or tokens from the system will take only a few seconds and obviously save a significant amount of money as there is no need to change locks or provide new keys. This offers a degree of peace of mind which is simply not possible with a lock and key.

In addition, there are obvious benefits of approaching a door and using an access card or token as opposed to searching for a bunch of keys and then selecting the correct one – highly inconvenient if it is raining!

Progeny's Crystal Reader

Flexible and Accountable

Progeny access control systems are very easy to use and provide a large degree of flexibility to allow the system to be programmed to the precise requirements of the user.

For example it is possible to restrict access to certain groups or individuals, apply time restrictions so access can be granted at certain times of the day and so on. This level of flexibility is simply not possible using traditional methods and in addition the operating software that is provided with electronic access control systems allows for detailed user reports to be prepared. This provides complete accountability on who has entered a building or accessed specific areas of the building.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council utilises the P3 online system

Intelligently Designed

Access control systems are also intelligently designed and all doors are controlled by one or more PC’s. User details can be instantly updated on the PC thus providing security and building managers with the facility to control security and access from their desks!

Furthermore it allows staff and visitors to be identified as they move through a building and useful features like seeing who is in at ‘a quick glance’ provide valuable information which helps to keep buildings safe and secure. If security is breached, for example by the forcing open of a door, the system records this and can alert the security or building manager instantly.

Progeny access control systems can also be integrated with other building management systems such as fire, air conditioning, lighting, heating and pretty much any electrical appliance.

With advances in web based technology it is also possible to manage buildings from anywhere in the world – the P3.net system enables users to manage a building and door access via the internet from any site and for remote locations, such as light houses or utility installations there is a GPRS version which utilises the mobile phone network.

Central Unit

Safe, Secure, Reliable

In summary modern access control systems provide a safe, secure and reliable method of securing and allowing access to all types of premises – in fact Progeny systems provide the optimum balance of managing security whilst at the same time allowing access to authorised individuals. They are clean, environmentally friendly and can be easily integrated into other systems to provide a seamless solution.

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