Altecnic Heat Interface Unit records impressive results in BESA test

Altecnic Heat Interface Unit records impressive results in BESA test

The Altecnic SATK32107 Heat Interface Unit (HIU) records industry beating results during rigorous ‘UK Standard for Heat Interface Units’ test, coordinated by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

Independently tested, the SATK320107 delivers industry leading efficiency

The SATK32107 HIU is specifically designed to achieve maximum efficiency on low temperature / heat pump lead networks and recorded the lowest VWART (Volume Weighted Average Return Temperature) and annual primary flow rate on the low temperature tests out of the twenty-three HIU’s previously put through the standard – a mark of a highly efficient HIU.

The BESA UK HIU Test Regime is carried out by independent accredited test houses ensuring fair and accurate results. The testing is extensive and the subsequent report gives consultants, contractors, housing associations and energy providers the most accurate, detailed and informative information possible.

Heat Pump Ready: Future-proofing heat networks

The SATK32107 achieved a VWART figure of just 28C on the low temperature tests. VWART is a measure of efficiency and details the return temperatures that would be achieved on a typical UK project when the HIU is in all its operating modes. The resultant figure shows how good the HIU is at using the available energy from the network. The lower the number, the more efficient the HIU is.

The SATK32107 also recorded a very low required annual primary flow rate of 90.71 cubic metres. This means that when in operation the SATK32107 on a low temperature network, requires less primary water than any other HIU so far tested. This reduces the amount of water circulating in the heat network reducing heat losses, energy use and carbon emissions.

When looking at a typical project, the reduction in circulating water over a year can be staggering. A saving, the equivalent of 5 Olympic sized swimming pools can be achieved!

These characteristics make the SATK32107 an ideal HIU to be used on low temperature networks, such as those lead by, or solely using heat pumps.

Neil Parry, Head of Specification, says: “We are delighted with the performance results of the SATK32107, confirmed by the BESA test. Efficient HIUs are crucially important on any heat network, but even more so, if it is a low temperature heat pump network. This is also highlighted within the latest revision of CIBSE CP1 (2020). The performance of the SATK32107 allows you to future proof the heat network.

If the building is currently utilising high temperature sources, such as CHP or boilers, then by installing the SATK32107 now, it becomes a much lower cost and simple exercise to convert the energy centre to heat pumps at some point in the future. The HIU’s will simply utilise the lower flow temperature and supply the demands required by the apartment without issue.

Neil continues: “Innovation in heat interface unit technology is not new to us or our manufacturing colleagues at Caleffi. We believe that for the heat network industry to follow the recommendation that heat networks should be specified and developed with low temperature energy sources in mind, then the SATK32107 is a proven solution. Utilising the SATK32107 will undoubtably have a positive impact on the efficiency and future proofing of UK heat networks.

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