Crack resisting asphalts for busy locations and jointed concrete based surfaces

Tarmac Asphalt

ULTILAYER – Durable, crack resisting polymer modified asphalt for highly trafficked environments
ULTILAYER combines outstanding flexibility and strength to provide enhanced resistance to reflective cracking and road surface deformation. It has been proven to deliver long-term durability on some of the UK’s busiest and most problematic roads, including Oxford Street in London.

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ULTILAYER SAMI - Crack resisting asphalt interlayer for concrete based asphalt surfaces
ULTILAYER SAMI is a specialist asphalt interlayer designed to provide exceptional resistance to the cracking caused by thermal and traffic induced movement in asphalt surfaces based on jointed concrete. It helps deliver extended pavement life, longer resurfacing intervals and lower maintenance requirements mean improved return on investment.

Find out more about ULTILAYER SAMI here.


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Tarmac Asphalt

Tarmac Asphalt

Since Tarmac invented the modern road surface in 1902, they have been at the forefront of technological advances in asphalt materials. Today they are helping the industry to develop more sustainable construction solutions.

Their Ultilow...
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