London jeweller strikes gold with Mul-T-Lock CLIQ®

London jeweller strikes gold with Mul-T-Lock CLIQ®

Mul-T-Lock has supplied a high-end jeweller in London with CLIQ® locks in order to help the business manage access to cabinets holding valuable items.

Stocking bespoke pieces and precious stones, the jeweller was looking for a high-level security solution that allowed sales personnel access to individual glass cabinets, without the worry that if one of the keys got lost or misplaced that they would have to replace the entire suite.

These capabilities include the ability to schedule individual access permissions for each key, as well as to provide time-limited access. In the case of this particular jewellers, each member of staff was given access to a selection of cabinets at varying times, with individual permissions set by the administrator.

For example, access could be set for only business hours, meaning that the cabinet could not be accessed at evenings or weekends. Similarly, each time a user opens a lock, it will be recorded in the system, meaning that the administrator can keep an eye on operations electronically.

“One of the biggest concerns for this particular jeweller was the threat of compromised security if cabinet keys were lost. Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® technology means you can revoke access in minutes, whereas with a traditional system you would have needed to replace the whole lock – costing time and money.”

“With no cabling the system was easy to configure and install, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The store manager also received hands-on training from ourselves and MulT-Lock, alongside the jeweller’s head of IT and security representative.” Chrys Chrysostomou, Managing Director, Elelock Systems Ltd.

Specialist Mul-T-Lock integrator, Elelock Systems Ltd specified and installed the CLIQ® locks at the jewellers, after weeks of careful consultation with the business owner to better understand the store’s requirements.

Suresh Peri, Commercial & Technical Manager at Mul-T-Lock added: “Our CLIQ® system is ideal for retail applications where there are a number of members of staff who need access at varying times, or that require individual permissions for access to high security storage rooms, cabinets or drawers.

This system isn’t just restricted to cabinet locks, the same technology can be implemented in various other locking elements used in various applications i.e. euro cylinders, rim cylinders, padlocks etc.”

The future of CLIQ; eCLIQ and CLIQ Go

Security is something business owners cannot put a price on—especially when it comes to keeping their business and assets safe from intruders. Fortunately, new technologies are being developed and brought to market each day that help give the power of fully customisable security solutions to fit customers’ ever-changing needs.

Although these high-tech security systems can often still feel rather dystopian, the increase of affordability for these solutions mean more and more SMEs across the UK are protecting their businesses with smart security solutions.

With the constant risk of lost or stolen keys, turnover of staff and all other access issues that come with running a business; smart and easy access control can be a very persuasive feature to many SMEs. One such solution is Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Go, which offers security monitoring on the go, giving business owners full control and peace of mind and helping locksmiths deliver a value-added service.

Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Go system is the ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as for small independent shops with a handful of staff who all need access at varying times, or for GP surgeries which require individual permissions for access to storage rooms holding medical supplies.

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