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SMARTair® is a modular and fully scalable access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. The system can be customized to give you the sophistication you need at an affordable price. The system can be customized with various management options to give you the sophistication you need, at a price, you can afford.

Mul-T-Lock SMARTair systems are the ideal access control solution for organizations and businesses looking to increase access control in an ever-changing environment. The system is tailored to meet each building’s needs and can be reprogrammed using the latest in access control management software as those needs evolve, without having to replace any physical locking systems.

The system’s smart technology and lack of wiring makes it a discrete security solution that is highly re-programmable in the event of lost key cards. Facility managers can organize control and update access rights to varying levels of control from a PC, using a simple user interface.

SMARTair Openow - the intelligent mobile solution for access control:

Openow™ is the perfect solution for facilities with people on the move or a high volume of visitors and subcontractors. It is built for businesses where third party contractors are always on-site, and companies whose staff travel regularly to global subsidiaries.

Queues at the reception desk, temporary access for cleaning staff... The key to solving these issues in hospitals, universities, museums, offices, multinationals, co-working spaces and ministries is Openow™ from SMARTair®

· Provide doctors, nurses, medical staff, contractors, temporary personnel and service companies with virtual keys, without creating resource bottlenecks around a single issuing point.
· Users only enter specific areas to which they are granted access (entrance hall, pharmacy, laboratory or laundry) with no need to carry any physical credential but their smartphone.
· Instantly cancel virtual keys without waiting for a user to return their card, ensuring your premises remain secure.

· Students and teaching staff enjoy the benefits and convenience of mobile technology, with keys on their smartphones and no need to collect them from reception or admin offices.
· Openow works with all SMARTair® devices, enabling your smartphone to open the main entrance door, the library or the teachers’ offices.
· When a virtual key is revoked, it automatically disappears from the student’s app, ensuring ongoing security and site integrity.

Public institutions:
· For the hundreds of visitors who arrive every day and move around the site, Openow™ from SMARTair® is the mobile ready solution you have been waiting for.
· Convenient for employees: store multiple virtual keys on your mobile phone, each with individually programmed permissions for different sites.
· Time-saving for visitors: no more queues at reception, no more waiting for physical keys or the smart-card terminal, because your mobile phone is your key.

Offices and businesses:
· Enhance the experience: visitors receive a virtual key straight to their phone and your workplace is mobile ready.
· Access points to areas with high footfall – such as collaborative spaces or co-working areas – no longer need a 24/7 reception desk to hand credentials to visitors.
· With Openow™, you can send virtual keys to visitors ahead of arrival, and schedule them to activate at the relevant time.


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Mul-T-Lock (UK)

Mul-T-Lock (UK)

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