Manage festival and event crowds this summer

Manage festival and event crowds this summer

Yesterday morning the gates of Glastonbury opened for the thousands of eager festival goers who queued overnight at the Worthy Farm site. With festival season now officially upon us I have taken a look at some products that are useful, and sometimes essential, for managing crowds at large events and gatherings.

Removable street furniture
Street furniture can create obstacles to event organisers in town centres or other urban areas. DW Windsor provides a flexible and inexpensive solution for the occasional removal and easy replacement of outdoor furnishings such as waste bins, bollards and benches.

An increase in urban traffic caused by large scale events can lead to more accidents as crowds ebb and flow in previously spacious high streets. Root-mounted street furniture can be obstructive and knocks can cause damage not only to the foundations but also to the surrounding ground work, leading to expensive replacement and the cost of reinstatement of foundations.

DW Windsor uses their patented 3p-Technology® to allow for temporary removal of their street furniture. 3p-Technology® combines a permanent foundation component with a sacrificial junction piece which is designed to flex or ultimately fail on impact by a vehicle, leaving the product re-usable and its foundations undisturbed.

DW Windsor 3p technology

See DW Windsor’s Barbour Product Search profile for more information on the company’s range of street furniture.

Temporary partitions
Large scale events will always attract large queues. Some may have a requirement to separate the crowds entirely if there are multiple sectors or events occurring in the same venue. For situations such as these temporary protective partitions can help manage the masses.

Hoardfast is a quick-fit, temporary, self-supporting modular-screen system that is suitable for self installation. The company can provide a bespoke kit of components to meet requirements based on the measurements of the area to be partitioned.

Hoardfast partitions

See Hoardfast’s Barbour Product Search profile for more information on the company’s range of protective partitions.

Make the most of the crowds
You can take advantage of the thousands of footsteps at large events by harvesting kinetic energy using the Pavegen renewable energy paving tile. The Pavegen technology is versatile and can be used for events, whether you require a dancefloor, energy generating walkway or interactive wireless solutions. Everytime someone walks over the Pavegen tile, renewable energy is harvested from the footstep. The technology converts the kinetic energy to electricity which can be stored and used for a variety of applications.

The Pavegen tile is suited to high-footfall environments and the energy created can be used to power off-grid applications such as interactive displays, street lighting and advertising.

See Pavegen's Barbour Product Search profile for more information on the company’s renewable energy paving tile.

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