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Type 100

London Wall Type 100 is the top of the range and market leader in the world of movable acoustic walls. It consists of top hung individual solid panels, requiring no floor track and forming a flush, flat wall when closed. Three alternative operation options are available; Type 100M (manual), Type 100SE (semi-electric) and Type 100E (fully electric).

London Wall Type 100 is ideal for use in hotels, conference centres, lecture theatres, civic halls, boardroom/meeting rooms and office environments. It is particularly adaptable to the demands of complex multifunctional usage for both corporate and public environments regardless of size, finish or acoustic properties.

London Wall Type 100 consists of individually operated top hung panels requiring no floor tracks. Purpose-made panels can be manufactured to clients’ specific requirements, offering total space flexibility, long lasting use and high standards of finishes, sound reduction and durability.

Type 80

London Wall Type 80 system is a top hung movable acoustic wall of lighter construction made up of individual panels designed to give economical but strong and long lasting use in the division of space requiring flexibility and offers good levels of sound reduction and high quality finish.

Type 80 is ideal for use in meeting rooms, classrooms, church halls and offices. Panels can be finished in priming sheet for client decoration, standard factory finish in standard laminate or spray paint, textile coverings, full range of veneers and laminates or to suit clients requirements.

Type G100

London Wall Type G100 is a Fully Glazed Movable Acoustic Wall System. Previously clients needed to choose between a solid panel system with sound reducing properties and a glazed non acoustic system. G100 now provides a solution where light and high acoustic performance is combined in one complete system.

G100 can be integrated with our solid type 100SE system to create a clear visual separation or a solid look when privacy is needed or when a pass door panel is required. G100 is also available with internal blinds housed within the double glazed unit, which are electrically operated.

Type GG Plus

Type GG system offers the clearest possible unbroken vision in a sliding partition, ideal for situations where space needs to be divided into inviting, viewable rooms, such as shop fronts, showrooms, waiting areas, church halls and other areas that do not necessarily require sound reduction properties.

The all glass top hung individual panels can be moved manually or electronically without the need for floor tracks. All panels are locked to each other and/or the floor offering security and stability.

Type 200

London Wall Type 200 is a sliding folding partition system of purpose made flat panels hinged together, to slide and fold to one or both sides within an alternative opening. Available primarily as a floor supported bottom roller system or as a top hung alternative option.

Panels have extra stability by means of a locking arrangement. Each alternate panel contains an espagnolette bolt mechanism operated via a detachable handle at a convenient height from the floor. The locking pin engages the floor rail and top track to ensure the panels close flat, flush and are rigid. The leading panel in the opening can be used as a full height pass door if required. Pass doors have flush pull handles and roller catch fitted; a lock can also be fitted.

Type G200

London Wall Type G200 acoustic glazed folding partition is a unique product on the world market. The acoustic glazed folding partition provides outstanding acoustic levels and gives an opportunity for flexible solutions unachievable with any other wall.

Each panel consists of two adjacent panes of glass, which guarantee superior sound insulation, an incredible Rw47dB. Regardless of this innovative feature, the wall operates in the same way as our other folding walls. The acoustic glazed folding partition consists principally of glass with a choice of frame made from either natural anodised aluminium or black anodised aluminium.

Type Glide

London Wall Glide is a truly bespoke solution perfectly suited to agile work environments. Top-hung individual panels can be moved to multiple locations for long or short-term usage, creating floating whiteboards, privacy screens or sketch boards.

Perfect for larger spaces, this sliding panel system offers unparalleled flexibility, creating temporary meeting screens, collaboration spaces or quiet areas without permanently closing off areas.

Type RG Plus

• London Wall RG Plus are top hung, double glazed framed panels

• Manual or semi-electric operation

• Unlimited wall width of individual framed glass panels.

• Sound reduction option of either Rw 46dB or Rw 50dB (laboratory tested)

• Frame finished in powder coated to any RAL colour

• Track system using single or twin point suspension

• Fully glazed access door available

• Options include semi-electric operation with slimmer frame and integral blinds


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