Mul-T-Lock prescribes access control solutions for healthcare

Mul-T-Lock prescribes access control solutions for healthcare

The role of security in healthcare environments covers many factors – from patient safety and confidentiality to accessibility for staff and the protection of medical supplies.

The difficulty in providing access control solutions, for any type of healthcare setting, is balancing the high level of security needed to protect patients, staff, visitors and equipment, with the efficient running of a working environment. Add to that the constant traffic flow, the importance of hygienic solutions and the need to audit access to records and clinical equipment, and it’s clear to see why access control solutions for healthcare environments need careful consideration.

At a time when budgets and resources for healthcare environments are continually scrutinised and stretched, access control technology from security provider, Mul-T-Lock, can help tackle these issues and offer smart security solutions for small to medium-sized practices, pharmacies, and large-scale hospitals.

Access control with SMARTair®

SMARTair® is an electronic locking and access management system that offers an intelligent yet simple step up from keys. Replacing inconvenient busy keychains with one wireless locking system, operated by smartcards and even smartphones when used in conjunction with Mul-T-Lock’s Openow™ app.

The system offers the ability to grant individual access permissions for each card, ideal for instances where staff members need access to authorised areas like wards, theatres or offices. For continuous security, lost cards can be cancelled, and replacements reprogrammed at the click of a button to prevent compromising patient safeguarding.

SMARTair® technology can be tailored to meet each building’s needs and can be updated using the latest in access control management software as those needs evolve, without having to replace any physical locking systems – making it a cost-effective, undisruptive, and straightforward solution for all healthcare facilities.

Where locks cannot be installed or openings are automated, such as doors, notes trolleys and elevators, SMARTair® wall readers provide the perfect touch-free solution, as well as reducing the effects of general wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

Mul-T-Lock has also recently launched a new antibacterial solution for SMARTair® handles to ensure protection even when a touchpoint is necessary. Providing a more hygienic solution, specifically designed with healthcare environments in mind, the handle has a bactericidal power of 95% to work against the most common groups of bacteria in hospitals and geriatric homes.

With no hardwiring, the system can be installed at low cost with minimal disruption to ever-busy healthcare environments. Designated system managers can also monitor, schedule and control access rights from anywhere in the world – allowing personnel time-restricted access to storage units and clinic rooms when needed, and revoking access once it is no longer required. All with real-time audit trails to identify what lock was accessed at what time and by who.

Key management with Traka21

Mul-T-Lock’s Traka21 is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective stand-alone key management system that protects, traces and accounts for up to 21 keys or keysets – perfect for small to medium sized practices.

Ensuring that the right keys are available to the right people at the right times is a concern for every organisation, particularly when dealing with patient information and drug cabinets. Traka21 requires PIN access to designated keys or keysets which are individually locked in place, ensuring only those with permission to that keyset are given access.

Thanks to the unique PIN feature, Traka21 can provide an accurate audit trail and reporting capability for system managers to find out just what keys were accessed at what time by what user. Information that can be easily exported onto USBs and PCs, and supplies an element of access control for practices with a limited budget.

Compatible with both smart and mechanical keysets, Mul-T-Lock branded or otherwise, Traka21’s ‘plug & play’ solution provides a step-by-step walkthrough for the user, meaning the system is easy to both install and use.

To learn more about Mul-T-Lock’s SMARTair access control system or Traka21 key management system, please call 01902 364200, email or visit

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