Tour de France: lasting legacy for British cycling

Tour de France: lasting legacy for British cycling

As the British legs of the Tour de France draw to a close the prediction is that British cycling will benefit from a lasting legacy as a result of the world famous race.

Community leaders along with cycling enthusiasts are predicting that the successful British stages of the race will inspire a surge in enthusiasm for the sport as hundreds of thousands turned out to watch competitors race through cities such as Leeds, York and Cambridge. The hope is that the event will continue the upwards trend of people participating in the sport following success for Team GB in cycling events at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Cycling has excellent benefits as both a leisure activity and a means of commuting but some argue that it is not always practical to cycle in their local area. There is much work to be done to encourage cycling as a day-to-day activity across Britain with lack of bike storage and cycle paths often cited as reasons many do not chose this mode of transport in their commute.

There are a wide range of cycle storage options available to make public and private spaces more cycle friendly. Simple cycle racks are a great place to start, they are a simple and practical storage solution and available in a range of styles.

In situations where additional security is a concern sheltered cycle storage provides a solution. Individual bike lockers provide dry storage for cycles and prevent the vandalism and theft to which traditional racks can be vulnerable. Lockers are also practical for storing the additional gear associated with cycling such as helmets and waterproof clothing.

With more cities are adopting bike rental schemes similar to the popular “Boris Bikes” in London there is a need to improve cycle pathways as well as seure storage. As the most recent city to launch a public bike rental scheme, Glasgow is investing in cycle routes to improve conditions for riders. Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson is keen to “see cycling as the biggest participation activity in the city by 2020". He added that the council are “investing on cycle routes across the city, to make Glasgow one of the UK's most cycling friendly cities."

Barbour Product Search reported last year that RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was used in Shoreditch Park to provide a strong base for the docking station for the area’s own “Boris Bikes”.

The surfacing provides an alternative to traditional paving and and the permeability of the SUDs compliant system prevents pooling of surface water, keeping paths puddle free - something recent muddied Tour de France riders might have appreciated!

The popularity of cycling is set to rise with local and national government continuing to invest in the development of the sport. Find out more about storage and surfacing products by using the links below.

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