Guest Post by Display Wizard: A Guide to Banner Stands

Guest Post by Display Wizard: A Guide to Banner Stands

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Banner stands are ideal for indoor displays and exhibition use. They allow businesses to appeal to prospective clientele and draw them into to their stand which showcases their products or services. A stand offers the opportunity to display your business’ brand and ethos in a clear and engaging way.

When exhibiting an upcoming event, it is important to market yourself properly to take full advantage of the exposure. You can advertise your business, get plenty of coverage and win new contracts simply by promoting your brand in a way that is likeable.

In current economic times, many business sectors are struggling so it is more crucial now than ever that you make the most of exhibition and expo events. It is a platform that can open many doors for future prospects so you need to maximise the output and market yourself the best way that you can.

Banner Stands stand out quite prominently because of their height so they are ideal for businesses who want to be noticeable in a crowd.

But what kind of banner stand is available and which one is right for your needs? Here is a detailed guide that will answer many of these questions.

Types of Banner Stands

Roll up: These are retractable banner stands and as the name clearly says, the devices roll up easily. Due to its flexibility and easy to carry nature, it is a very popular tool to catch the eye of consumers. They are more ideal to indoor use rather than outdoors because of how light-weight they are but further advantages are that they are portable and easy to use.

Printed Fabric: These banners are made from fabric so they are really durable, making them perfect for outdoors. They withstand high wind conditions and so are great for restaurants, museums, and alfresco events.

Cable: As the name suggests, these banner stands are constructed using cable such as aluminium or carbon fibre. They are very durable and ideal for outdoor events.

Tension: These differ in that the graphic is external to the stand. They are simply adjusted onto the stand by clipping on to the top and bottom so if you need to change the marketing message you can simply change the graphic without needing a new stand. They do not recoil or roll up.

Velcro friendly: As the name suggests, these stands let you stick your own posters and images on with Velcro so they are really interchangeable and flexible graphic-wise. They’re ideal for indoor expos and team training events.

What is the most popular?

As you can see there are various types of banner stands but Roll Up banners are the most common because they can be put up very easily, assembled in a matter of seconds and used for a wide variety of industries. People use various terms to describe them including Roller, Roll Up, Pop up, and Pull up, but fundamentally they are the same.

They come in a variety of widths with the standard ones being 600mm, 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 2400mm. Most vary in height slightly between 2000mm and 2300mm being the most common height.

Value Banner and Budget Banner Stands are the two most popular roller banners. The Budget Banner Stand is very durable for a low cost stand and can be used time and time again. It comes with a padded carry bag and a digitally printed laminated stop light graphic.

Whereas Value Banner Stands are best for short term use as the materials used to make the base unit casing are thinner and less durable for transport.

Key considerations to take into account:
• What do you want to achieve?
• Where will the stand be placed?
• Will the graphics be laminated?
• What assembling maintenance is required?

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