Pedestals for Paving and Decking


Wallbarn supplies a wide range of pedestals:

Adjustable pedestals
Key Advantages
• Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking
• Superior quality
• Takes 1 tonne in weight
• Suspended system
• Fully adjustable
• Achieve stunning finishes

The Adjustables range in height from 10mm up to 380mm and are broken down into three categories:

Have an ultra-low threshold? Try the Minipads range. Wallbarn’s time-saving alternative to fixed height pads and perfect for overlaying and retro-fitting. Available from 10mm to 40mm in just three products:
• 10-25mm
• 22-30mm
• 28-40mm

Product benefits:
• Achieve precise, split-millimetre accuracy in the height of the pedestal to accommodate tiny changes in the level.
• Designed for use when working with very tight spaces
• Thread allows 5mm of change to the level
• Further 5mm extension plate which is fitted to the bottom of the pedestal
• 5mm extension plate turns 10-15mm pedestal into a 15-20mm fully adjustable pedestal for use in tight spaces
• Special handle grips allow installers to adjust the height whilst slab is in situ – saves constantly lifting the slab to change the height

This is Wallbarn’s standard range of adjustable supports.
The lugs on the universal head are positionined to accommodate both paving slabs and joists for timber decking.
Height range: 35mm up to 365mm

Universal Extra
Use Wallbarn’s Universal Extra pedestals to install paving and decking across a huge height range, from 85mm up to 380mm but in just three different products:
• 85mm-135mm
• 125mm-215mm
• 210mm-380mm
This cuts out any confusion about what size to choose. Heights are marked out every 10mm on the side of stems – see at a glance the exact height you are adjusting to.

Self-levelling heavy-duty pedestals for paving & decking

Key Advantages
Wallbarn’s MEGA BALANCE self-levelling pedestals are specially designed for heavy loads and offer a huge height range (up to 1025mm). The self-levelling headpiece is used to accommodate differences in the deck surface below the pedestal.
• Achieve stunning finishes
• Suspended system
• Top key system for in-situ adjustments
• Superior quality
• Compatible with cross-rail system for additional support
• Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking
• Self-levelling and fixed-height in same pedestal
• Available in heights from 25mm up to 1025mm

For Paving
• Self-levelling headpiece incorporates 4 x positioning lugs (fins) laid out in a crucifix formation set towards the edges
• The headpiece also comprises 4 x separate parts created to allow up to a 5% or 2.86° slope correction in all directions
• The mechanism at the bottom of the headpiece allows smooth movement and positioning of the paving slab
• The lugs (fins) separate paving slabs and tiles on the headpiece to allow sufficient drainage between slabs
• This creates a uniform paving line so the slabs are laid completely straight
• A rubber anti-shock pad slots onto the headpiece over a series of ridges to give better grip to the slab and help insulate against vibration and noise travelling through the pedestal to the deck beneath

For Decking
• The lugs (fins) are set out towards the edges of the headpiece giving a 55mm gap between them to house a timber joist
• Decking boards are then fixed to the timber joist frame no need to cut furrings – simply adjust your pedestal height
• The auto-correcting head makes installing decking systems much faster than traditional methods

Clip Head for Rail System
The Mega Balance pads are compatible with Wallbarn’s cross-rail system, offering extra stability for paving and decking.
The Mega Balance pads can be used to join two separate rails as shown here

Fixed Height & Self-levelling
Mega balance pedestal is available as both a fixed head and self-levelling headpiece in the same unit by using “The Grey Nut”.

The pedestals comes as a self-levelling unit as standard. Fix The Grey Nut into the centre of the headpiece between the marked sections and press down hard.

The arrows on The Grey Nut line up with the existing black moulding in the central section of the headpiece.

The headpiece then becomes locked and fixed. Both layout options are thus available in the same pedestal, giving greater flexibility to the installers.

Retro-adjust Height - "The Key"
Mega Balance are future-proofed and very user friendly, as minor levelling adjustments (which may be required over time) can be made in-situ without having to lift the slabs.

Often suspended paving areas can have slabs starting to rock or dip, as the structure moves through expansion or traffic and other forces lead to the upper surface becoming unlevel. “The Key” is the solution.

Instead of having the physically lift the affected slabs, twist the thread on the pedestal, replace the slabs and checking for the correct height; users have the major advantage of using The Key. By placing the key into the centre of the headpiece users can lift the height of the pedestal marginally to recreate the flat, correct level for the slabs.

This is a much faster process to achieve the correct paving level and crucially has major health & safety advantages. Instead of having to lift heavy paving slabs repeatedly, operatives can ensure perfect upper level of paving without risk to both their own welfare and from dropping a slab onto the surface / subdeck.

Mega Balance offer flexibility, speed and safety to the FM teams and owner alike.

Self-levelling pedestals for paving & decking

Key Advantages
Wallbarn's BALANCE self-levelling pedestals are specially designed to accommodate differences in the deck surface below the pedestal.

Blemishes and ridges in the sub-deck e.g. felt overlaps, or changes in the thickness of a paving slab can make the upper surface uneven The BALANCE adjustable pedestal helps alleviate pedestal helps alleviate these issues.
• Achieve stunning finishes
• Suspended system
• Fully adjustable
• Superior quality
• Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking
• Available in heights from 25mm up to 392mm

Heavy duty adjustable pedestals

Key advantages • Support heavier loads
• Huge height range
• Very heavy duty
• Suitable for paving and decking
• Super low temperature tolerance (-40°C)
• Heights range from 35mm to 1,020mm


Recycled content (%)100
Availability<1 week
MaterialsVirgin Fibre Polypropylene, Recycled Polypropylene, PVC, Rubber Compound
Finishesrubber, recycled PP, PP
ColoursBlack with yellow
Other guaranteesGuarantee to weight / temperature tolerance
NBS clausesJ21 85 467 J31 80 370 375 377 J41 90 467 J42 467 Q37 460 Q55 110 395 45-70-45 330 J21 470 J31 375 377 J41 470 Q50 25 Q55 380 45-45-95 315


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